Colburn councillor selected to contest mayoral election for Greens

Cllr Kevin Foster.

Yorkshire and Humber Green Party has announced that Kevin Foster has been selected as the Green Party candidate for mayor of York and North Yorkshire.

Kevin has represented Colburn on Richmondshire District Council from 2019 and then Hipswell and Colburn at North Yorkshire Council since May of this year.

Before that he was a civil servant for over 30 years.

Kevin said he was “proud of his reputation for getting things done”.

He added: “Your mayor cannot wave a magic wand and solve every problem but they can stand up and fight for the issues that matter in this region.

“In the reserve forces I learned to work with and on behalf of others and I will use this knowledge and experience to do my best for people in this area.

“Being Mayor will be my one and only job and I will devote myself to it, representing residents and businesses to the best of my ability.”

The Green Party said Kevin was a “highly skilled communicator and fights hard for the local area”.