Colburn homeless unit reopens after £252,000 refurbishment

Councillor Angie Dale performed her final job as leader of Richmondshire District Council when she cut the ribbon to reopen the council’s homeless unit following its £252,000 refurbishment.

George Nickling House and its annex in Colburn have undergone a complete overhaul to increase and improve the temporary accommodation provided there.

The number of rooms has been increased from 14 to 17 and bathrooms, laundry facility and communal kitchen have been replaced. The work also included a £20,000 contribution from the Council’s Climate Change Action Plan to provide solar heating and low energy lighting.

The implementation of a new cost operating model will also enable the recruitment of two Support Officers to work at the unit which opens up the facility to people who need extra help in finding permanent housing solutions.

“This refurbishment will provide a fitting legacy to Richmondshire District Council by increasing and improving temporary accommodation for local people who have been unfortunate enough to find themselves homeless,” said Councillor Dale (who is pictured with housing support staff at the hostel).

“By changing the way the unit is run and financed, we will be able to offer increased support to get homeless people back into housing at no extra cost to local council tax payers. This facility will be an asset to the incoming North Yorkshire Council and will demonstrate a continuing commitment to helping local communities.”

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  1. Well I just hope that vulnerable men are treated better while in there these days. I was homeless and was brought up in the Richmondshire area catchment and worked in the area as well as serving with the Green Howards. I had an accident at work resulting in me then becoming disabled.They gave me 28 days in the homeless unit during which time I was spending every day looking for alternative private accommodation as the council had no where for me or they weren’t going to house me as I was a male and not classed as vulnerable. I was suffering from chronic depression along with ptsd and spinal injuries.
    28 days passed and I was told I had to leave, but where too I asked they said I’d had plenty of time to find somewhere! I was back to sleeping rough until I finally found somewhere with the help of ssafa . It really maddened me that they think that some men are classed as none venerable when they quite clearly are and are classed as second class citizens, this nearly pushed me over the edge and I’m very lucky that I’m still here today.

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