Colburn Library closes temporarily due to anti-social behaviour

The library at the Broadway in Colburn.

Colburn Library has shut until next week following a spate of anti-social behaviour.

Library volunteers have endured repeated harassment by young people.

There have been further problems this week with young people entering the building and refusing to leave.

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Richmondshire Today understand police were called this week to one incident, but according to one community leader took an hour to arrive.

The library is run by a charity, Catterick, Richmond and Colburn Community Libraries, and is mainly staffed with volunteers.

Richmondshire District Council has a community office in the building which has also closed.

Philip Wicks, chairman of CRACCL, said: “The problem is an ongoing one but it seems to get worse at school holiday times.

“We were not surprised therefore when there were problems this week.

“I have written to the police and crime commissioner Julia Mulligan. At the end of the day as a charity CRACCL has a duty of care towards its volunteers.

“Consequently we felt the best approach was to shut the library for the rest of the week but we will be reopening on Monday afternoon.”

A public spaces protection order has been applied for but has not yet been approved is still going through a consultation phase.

Inspector Mark Gee said police were aware of anti-social behaviour in the Broadway Colburn area and were doing all they could to prevent and to detect offences.

He added: “I would appeal for people to report these to us and where ever possible we will pursue offenders and bring them to justice.

“A number of young people have already been dealt with by police and we continue to work with parents through acceptable behaviour contracts and community resolutions where appropriate to educate young people and prevent further offences.

“It is clearly unacceptable that any of our community both residents and shop keepers should suffer anti-social behaviour and I am appalled at the behaviour of a small minority of young people in the area.

“It is not representative of the vast majority and the local Neighbourhood Policing Team will continue to do all in their power to improve this situation.”

The problem of anti-social behaviour will be discussed by Colburn Town Council at its meeting on Monday next week.

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  1. Come on, Stop being so soft, Print names and addresses of ALL offenders, put photos of All effenders in local papers, if it still goes on.

    Fined the PARENTS, The countries too soft these days. stop mother cuddling them, If these kids don’t have enough to do, find them some. Litter pick, Clean Bus Tops, Stop being so dam soft.

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