Colburn motor trade recruiter wins at industry awards

MotorVise Automotive has been named Recruitment Agency of the Year at the Motor Trader Industry Awards.

The motor trade consultancy, based on Colburn Business Park, has seen demand for its recruitment services rise by 400 per cent in recent months as dealerships across the UK look to grow their businesses.

MotorVise responded by evolving its service during the pandemic and is now filling around 200 vacancies each month at dealerships across the UK.

It manages the whole process from writing and advertising recruitment ads, booking a venue, managing applicant communications, and running the assessment event. Dealerships are particularly seeking to recruit public-facing roles, particularly sales staff.

MotorVise, which works with 35 automotive brands across Europe, six of the top 10 UK dealer groups and six original equipment manufacturers, is currently staging up to 20 recruitment days per month, filling an average of 10 vacancies at each event.

Fraser Brown, founder and managing director, said: “This is a hugely significant award, not only for MotorVise, but for our hard-working team. To be recognised as the leading recruitment agency within the automotive sector is a huge honour.

“The whole issue of recruitment is proving a complex issue for a range of sectors so it’s important that the motor trade can quickly find and secure the services of people who possess the right attitudes.

“Over the past 12 months, it has grown to become a significant part of our business as we have responded to the industry’s changing needs to the point that we can fill multiple roles across multiple dealerships in a single day.

“Busy dealerships can be confident that when they attend the final assessment day, they are selecting from the most talented pool of candidates. They are looking for staff with the right attitude and personality, as it’s easy to teach the necessary skills and knowledge, but not everyone has a natural ability to connect with customers.”

“Our recruitment service allows dealerships to save a great deal of time and effort, which allows them to concentrate on running a successful business.”