Colburn Primary School appoints new catering contractor

Colburn Primary School has appointed a new catering contractor to deliver healthier meals.

Lancashire-based catering company Mellors have been chosen to provide school lunches and the breakfast club menu.

Debbie Nicholas, acting head teacher, said the new salad bar was proving particularly popular.

She added: “Mellors are delivering a menu which is both nutritious and appealing to young children.

“This has resulted in more children eating fruit and vegetables as part of their lunchtime meal.

“We are pleased that so many of our pupils are taking advantage of the improved meals on offer at lunchtimes and at our breakfast club, as good nutrition is vital to support children’s education.”

The school council is in talks with Mellors to arrange the sale of healthy snacks at morning playtime.

Theresa Rowell, Mellors Catering area manager, said: We’re delighted that Colburn Primary School chose Mellors as their onsite catering provider.

“Our company nutritionists and development chefs spend a great deal of time ensuring that the meals we provide are packed full of the nutrients that children need to grow and learn.

“It’s great to see the pupils at Colburn enjoying a balanced, freshly cooked meal with their friends at lunch.  It’s a great school and it’s our pleasure to serve them every day.”



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  1. North Yorkshire County Caterers also provide the above-and more, hence being awarded a Food for Life Award from the soil association. Every single dish provided by the council must adhere to strict nutritional guidelines based on the best for chikdren. I don’t understand why this school isn’t being praised for spending money on something that can already be provided by local authority?

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