Colburn Primary School holds Remembrance service

Colburn Primary School children held a special Remebrance service this week to remember those who lost their lives fighting for their country.

The children held the first part of their service in the school hall where they held a two-minute silence.

They also watched a short video of Flanders Field showing the conflict during the First World War.

The screen then fading to show how the landscape has changed over the 100 years to a present day field of poppies.

Acting head Debbie Nicholas said: “We feel that it is important for children to understand the sacrifices made by the Armed Forces, which enable us to live in a country that has freedom, peace and justice.”

Pupil Caitlyn Ryal said: “Remembrance is an important day as those who have lost their lives in battle have done it for the world and the country, no matter what has happened we will still remember them.”