Colburn Primary School pupils celebrate King’s coronation

Pupils at Colburn Community Primary School celebrated the coronation of King Charles with a special assembly led by year six children.

The class explained the importance of the ceremony and acted out the six parts of the service; the recognition, the oath, the anointing, the investiture, the enthronement and the homage.

Pupils shared  research about King Charles, including the fact that he is the owner of 100 swans and he has appeared in an episode of Coronation Street.

It was recognised that the coronation is the beginning of a new reign by a monarch, who is a dedicated champion of nature in our country.

Colburn School Gardening Club have been inspired by King Charles’ friendly farming techniques and now plan to grow organic vegetables during the term. The club will also plant the dianthus coronation ruby around the school grounds to celebrate this occasion.

The assembly included information about the Big Help Out, a scheme devised by some of the UK’s leading charities to mark the coronation of King Charles. Colburn School has signed up to this scheme as it is so important for the school to support their wider community and learn from others, both old and young. The assembly ended with the whole school singing the national anthem.

Pupils enjoyed a lunch of coronation chicken and king’s biscuits. Earlier in the week, pupils had created a crown of coins, this activity raised over £150, which will be used for future school events. All children spent the day wearing golden crowns which they took home to continue their celebrations over the weekend.

Headteacher Yousef Abdo said: “This is a poignant moment in history and for the children to witness this is very special.

“During the assembly, the children made us proud and once again it gave them a sense of pride and belonging which is vital in shaping them as future model citizens.”

Year six pupil Mia-Rose said: “I think King Charles will be a really good king as he has many qualifications, including one for diving! It is good that he is the first monarch to go to school and not be taught at home.”