Colburn Primary School pupils show off music and drama skills

Pupils of all ages at Colburn Community Primary School showed off their music and drama skills during their end of term celebrations.

The nursery and reception children captivated their audience with the retelling of the very first Christmas.

The pupils worked hard to learn all the words of their five songs and the reception pupils proudly acted out the parts of the main characters.

Key stage 1 children entertained family and friends with a musical of songs covering their busy term and the year 1 class performed nativity musical Whoops-a-Daisy.

The week ended with the key stage 2 performance of Shakespeare Rocks, a modern-take on the life of the famous Bard.

Both evening shows were a complete sell-out and the school hall was full of proud family members.

Headteacher Jane Knowlson said: “It was a production worthy of a place in the West End of London.

“All children in key stage two were given the opportunity to take part in the production; the on-stage cast of singers, dancers and actors were supported by the enthusiastic school orchestra and a very capable stage crew,”