Colburn Town Council garden competition winners announced

The winners of Colburn Town Council’s annual garden and scarecrow competition have been announced.

Among the winners was 73-year-old Andrea Watling who came first in the Best in Bloom category.

For some time, Andrea has been known by locals, for her wooden garden ladder adorned with plants, in her front garden.

She started the display 50 years ago, but after returning home from hospital after falling seriously ill four years ago, it was time to change things around a little.

The wooden ladder started to break up, and so a replacement aluminium ladder took its place, and work started on the back garden, which today, is open for all to see.

Andrea, a dedicated churchgoer, who attends St Cuthbert’s in Colburn Lane, is also known as the local charities champion at the Co-op on Broadway, where she has worked for 20 years.

Andrea recently received a gold watch for her long service at the store.

The council competition has been run for a number of years and it has been suggested that the gardens be opened next year to visitors paying a small entrance charge to be donated to charity.

“Role on next summer,” said Andrea, as she prepares to open her garden to the public.




1st * Andrea Watling
2nd Keith Moore
3rd Richard Dale


 Small Garden

1st * Sarah Baines
2nd Keith Moore
3rd Angie Pickersgill


Feature Garden

1st * Keith Moore
2nd Sarah Baine
3rd Anna Vernon


Large Garden

1st * Anna Vernon
2nd Richard Dale
3rd Andrea Watling



1st * Simon Jaques
2nd Steph Young
3rd Eddie Glass


Best Veg Garden

1st * Richard Dale

Gardening Competition Results 2019


1st * Maddie Dale
2nd Teddy Dunning
 3rd Ryan Pickersgill