Collection for defibrillator at Tan Hill, Muker Parish Council hears

Muker in Swaledale. Photo: Guy Carpenter.

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Minutes from Muker Parish Council’s May meeting:

Hoggarths Bridge – The bridge has not yet been repaired.

WW1 Beacons – There had been no response as of yet to the posters regarding the WW1 Beacons, if any member of the parish would like to see the Parish taking part in the commemorations then they are reminded to contact the Clerks.

Defibrillator Tan Hill – Tan Hill have placed a collection box in the pub. Cllr Blows had sent an e-mail regarding the grant, which could possibly be obtained for purchasing the defibrillator. The grant will not be available until at least the end of May. Agreed to review as and when the grants are available.

Water on Road – Muker – Highways had been contacted. Highways online reporting system states that the request had been fulfilled. However due to there being a dry period it is difficult to determine whether the water is still an issue.

Pot Holes – Ivelet – Highways have been contacted and the service request is still open.

Insurance – Zurich – An order to pay had been raised to pay the new insurance due on 30 April.


    1. The Chairman read the Annual Governance Statement. All were in favour.

    2. The Clerk presented the Financial Report for the year ending March 2017. All were in favour.

    3. The Chairman read the Financial Risk Assessment, All were in favour.


Silver Hill – Cllr Whitehead raised the issue of caravans, motor homes etc not being able to get up Silver hill and having to be towed out. The tight bend has been causing problems for a long time, with four mobile homes needing assistance in April alone. The Grit bins are often being knocked as vehicles reverse to try and get around the corner and in turn the grit bins have knocked the wall down. There is a small piece of land which was donated where the wall could be removed and the road slightly widened by about one yard. It would also be advisable to relocate the grit bins. This matter is obviously compounded in the winter months. Clerk to contact Cllr Blows and Cllr Blackie requesting their support and a letter to be sent to Highways.

Missing Sign – Cllr Porter raised the issue of a missing sign for Crackpot and Summerbridge at the top of Gunnerside Bridge. Clerk to contact Highways.

NYCC – NYCC Permit Scheme –an e-mail had been received informing the Parish Council of the intention of a new permit system, which will enable NYCC Highways to have more control over Utility Companies when working on the roads e.g. ensuring that works in the same area do not clash, peak times are avoided, signs are removed quickly etc. Members of the public can have their say at:


Planning Application R/06/245A had been received for the conversion of a barn into a two bedroom holiday let – Millbridge Farm – Low Oxnop – the Council was in support of the application.

Planning Applciation R/06/219A had been received for the erection of a detached garage at Brystone – West Stonesdale – the Council had no objections.

CTC Path – Cllr Whitehead read out an e-mail which had been received from Michael Briggs Park Ranger regarding repair and reinstatement works to areas of the CTC path which have been eroded east of Swinner Gill. The Parish Council fully supported the work and had no objections.

Penelope Keith – Best Village – noted the deadline had passed.

Cyclosportives – A list of cycle races and events which will travel through the dale throughout 2017 had been received from YDNP. Clerk to place on noticeboards.

YLCA – Better Broadband Subsidy Scheme – the Chairman read out an e-mail which had been received regarding the Government Scheme. If someone can’t get a broadband speed of at least 2Mb per second they could qualify for a subsidised connection worth up to £350. People should contact to see if they are eligible.


Richmond Rotary Club – a letter had been received asking villages whether they would like to enter a best kept village competition – Clerk to place letter on notice boards.

Community housing Initiative – A letter had been received from RDC regarding money which has been allocated to assist communities in investigating the processes involved in delivering affordable housing e.g housing surveys, assessing land availability etc.

Cycle Event June 10th – this item was covered under 9e.

Bench Muker – Cllr Metcalfe raised the issue of a bench in Muker Village adjacent to the Highway, Clerk to contact Highways.

Streetlight Keld – A letter had been received from a resident in Keld with the support of a number of other residents regarding the street lights in Keld. There are three street lights in close proximity to one another, the street light on the Institute RDC2 is deemed to be too bright, in particular regarding light shining into the bedrooms of the surrounding properties. The issue of the lights in the public toilets being on all night was also raised, which the residents feel leads to light pollution but also cannot be cost effective regarding energy saving. Clerk to write to RDC requesting that Light RDC2 have a hood similar to RDC3 placed on it so the light shines downwards and also whether they can explore placing motion sensors in the public toilets, so that they only come on when in use.

Date and Time of Next Meeting: Thursday 22 June 2017. 7.30pm