COMMENT: Fence foils summer fun

The Wensleydale School and Sixth Form.
It’s the school summer holidays. Yippee. For those of us who work from home there’s the opportunity for double the twinges of guilt. First you feel bad because you’re not paying any attention to the kids because you’re busy working. Then when you do stop for a game of Fifa there’s the guilt that you should be working. This stuff doesn’t write itself, despite what it may seem sometimes.

My tactic is to go for a couple of early wins, some low hanging fruit. A trip to Brymor and a bag of chips on the way home on the first day of the holidays and you’re set for the next six weeks.

“What do you mean we haven’t done anything? What about when we went for that ice cream?”

It could be a long summer holiday for some in Leyburn. The Wensleydale School has erected perimeter fencing, CCTV and electric locks to ensure it can lock down the building in an event of an potential atrocity. The times we live in eh.

And it seems the gates won’t be left open when there’s nobody at school, meaning local children will no longer be able to make use of the large playing fields, as has been the practice for many a year.

Quite right too. Children should be safely holed up in their bedrooms playing video games or watching YouTube clips of people playing video games, not out playing football or kiss catch. If the children do insist on leaving the house this summer they are lucky that Leyburn is surrounded by quarries, some of them full of deep water, to play in. There’s also lots of building sites in the town at the moment which make excellent play areas for even the youngest of children.

The school has asked neighbours to call the police on 101 if they see taxpayers or their spawn trespassing on taxpayer-funded land. The way some neighbours were so vocal when the school tried to erect a full-sized all weather football pitch, you can imagine they will be straight on the blower the first time they see signs of children at play.

Of course the flaw in the plan is that calls to 101 have gone unanswered recently, meaning the young law-breakers may well have finished their game of heads and volleys and gone in for their tea before the rozzers turn up with blues and twos flashing.