Community benches installed in Hipswell

Benches for community use are being installed across Hipswell.

Hipswell Parish Council said it was inspired to look at  its outside spaces in a new light following because of the pandemic.

The council said it wanted to focus on a community bench project to provide safe seating areas for all the community use.

A spokesperson said: “The parish has a diverse community with military and civilian families that come from all over the UK and abroad, to local communities who work in traditional industries, so it was important for us to make sure everyone can enjoy the open spaces together.

“A consultation was completed asking residents exactly what they wanted, from whether they even wanted the benches themselves to colour and styles, as well as the location.

“We are proud to be installing recycled plastic benches which are low maintenance and capable of withstanding the North Yorkshire elements for at least 25 years.

“We are also grateful to all the residents who chose this environmentally sustainable option.”

The first benches were placed in Somerset Close last week, with the next benches being installed in Hipswell Village Green, Army Welfare Services Habitat area and then Leadmill estate.

The spokesperson added: “We hope this is just the start of the project and plan to install more in the near future as the project progresses.

“The parish would love to thank the Garrison Area Partnership for providing funding to help pay for four of the benches.

“The parish will be funding another five and we would like to thank the residents for actively engaging in the consultation process and being so positive about this initiative.

“The parish were keen to ensure that the benches were in keeping with our own sustainability ethos and the environmental policy of Richmondshire District Council.

“We hope the public will enjoy these areas with their families for years to come.”