Community garden project underway at Richmond School and Sixth Form College

Year 13 pupil Holly Brydon in one of the areas to be improved.

A student’s communal garden project is underway at Richmond School and Sixth Form College.

Year 13 pupil Holly Brydon’s scheme will see three areas in the grounds split into distinct zones and transformed to an eco garden, a social space and a peace garden.

Holly has planned a number of volunteer days when students, staff, alumni, friends of the school and members of the local community are invited to don their gardening clothes and pick up their rakes and trowels to clear the three areas, ready to plant seeds, herbs and flowers.

As well as calling out for volunteers to help with the groundwork, who can sign up at

Holly is also appealing for any local businesses or individuals who may be able to support the project with the donation of seeds, plants, compost, herbs, gravel, wood  or even seating and bird boxes, to help her realise her vision.

If anyone would like to contribute to the project, please email

Any donations would be greatly appreciated.

Holly said: “I first had the idea for the project in September 2020, at the beginning of Year 12, when I saw that these garden spaces in the sixth form were unused but offered so much potential.

“It was put on the back burner while other projects took place until just before Christmas, when I really started to plan the project and approached Mrs Potter, headteacher, with my proposal.

“While it has been many months in the planning, I am so happy that we are now underway with turning the three spaces into an eco garden, a social space and a peace garden.

I think it is so important, especially given the past two years, for our college to have such communal outdoor spaces where students can spend time.

“There have been times over the past few years when I know myself and others have needed to take a minute and breathe, and these areas are going to be perfect for that when they are complete.

“I’m so excited to see how the project evolves and I am so incredibly grateful for all the support we’ve had so far, both from the school and the local community”

The first ground-clearing day made a great start, however there is still a long way to go, including weeding and re-edging lawn areas before flowers can be planted and the new spaces created.

A further three volunteer days are scheduled for Saturday, May 21, Tuesday, May 31 and Thursday, June 2, from 9am to 1pm.

Volunteers of all gardening abilities are invited to lend a hand, so students, parents, family members, former students, school staff or members of the community will be most welcome.

Jenna Potter, headteacher, said: “This is a truly wonderful initiative and it really will make a significant difference to the students and staff in our college by enhancing the landscape and offering a sanctuary to think, relax, read and learn in the gardens of our beautiful grounds.

“Holly has done a marvellous job masterminding the project and it is fantastic to see how her energy and passion are motivating her fellow students and other members of the community to support her.

“Being outdoors and connecting with nature is a wonderful and positive way to boost wellbeing and stay healthy and the project demonstrates how our wider school community can come together to create a truly precious space that will enrich many lives now and in the future.”

For any further information, to sign up to help on a volunteer day or to offer any donations of plants, compost or gardening materials please email