Community leaders raise safety concerns over planned Starbucks drive thru

The site of the proposed Starbucks drive thru.

A proposed drive thru restaurant will increase traffic problems and health issues for local residents, community leaders say.

Colburn Town Council has raised concerns about plans for a drive thru and three shops on land opposite the Broadway.

The application is due to go before planners next week and has been recommended for approval.

But the town council said health and safety would be compromised if the application was passed.

Members fear that if permission is granted, traffic will increase still further on the already busy A6136.

The authority said in a statement: “There is great concern about air pollution in Colburn and the already polluted atmosphere in the area.  The potential to endanger the lives of children making their way to schools in the area is also of concern.

“Residents of Woodside Chase will see increased parking around their homes and the possibility of anti-social behaviour around the coffee outlet.

“Town councillors have unanimously agreed that enough is enough and the brakes need to be applied before it is too late.”

The council is urging residents to comment on the plans ahead of the meeting.

To do so, click here.

Although the plans do not state the drive thru would be occupied by Starbucks, the coffee company’s name is used on plans for the scheme.

The site already has outline planning permission for a retail development which was granted in 2015.



  1. Horrible, old-fashioned idea. Drive-throughs were invented in 1950s America and that’s where they should stay. Idling engines and queuing cars = pollution. If people have to drive there, let them park, get out of their cars and walk the last few yards. No wonder we have so many fatties around.

  2. I’m afraid the A6136 is woefully inadequate for the amount of traffic currently using it. Adding further to the chaos will be irresponsible.
    Parking on the Woodside Chase Estate is already a saftey issue.

  3. If the site already has outlined planning permission in 2015 its taken you 5 years to start moaning about it now. Totally ridiculous and laughable

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