Community purchase of pub discussed at parish council meeting




The Parish Council meeting was held on the 5th October 2023.

Councillors:   Cllr Metcalfe,  Cllr Reynoldson, Cllr Rukin, Cllr Peacock for part of the meeting, with Cllr Calvert, Chair presiding.

The Clerk was Mr Michael Cleminson.

  1. Apologies for Absence: Cllr
  2. Declaration of Interests:
  3. Minutes of previous meeting: The Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 31 August 2023 have been circulated. The Minutes were approved as a true and accurate record. Proposed by: Cllr Rukin and Seconded by: Cllr Metcalf.
  4. Matters Arising
  5. Community Buy Out – Farmers Arms Muker: Mr Richard Walls attended the meeting and outlined the proposal to proceed with a community purchase of the Farmers Arms.  Mr Walls said The Kings Head at Gunnerside was successfully acquired by a community buyout with the assistance of The Plunkett Foundation.  A Board or Committee would be set up to outline the control and direction of the business, setting the expectations of how the business would be run.  It was pointed out that a number of grants of up to £250k are currently available to assist with the purchase.  Cllr Peacock said she had some experience of this and would assist where she could.  The premises are currently registered as a Community Asset.  The first step in the process is to approach the current owners to see if they would be willing to proceed with a Community Buyout, and then seek individuals who are prepared to invest in the business.  The Parish Council unanimously agreed to support the application.  Mr Walls and another person are to make initial contact with the owners, to be begin the process.


  1. Upper Dales Healthwatch (UDHW) Central Dales Practice – the minutes are now available from the North Yorkshire Council website under Muker Parish. Uploaded by the Clerk when received.


  1. Defibrillators – the Clerk pointed out that The Ambulance Service, in the case of an emergency are directing the caller where appropriate to collect the nearest defibrillator. The Clerk is then notified of its use and must check that it has been returned and is in working order.  The Clerk asked that in his absence if a Councillor would check that the used defibrillator is returned and working.  The Clerk can then notify the relevant authorities.
  2. Highways
  3. Scarr House Bridge & Retaining Wall repairs, preparation works commenced on Thursday 28th September. The road was closed on Thursday 5th October.  A service road is in place for essential services ONLY.  The Council is grateful  to the landowners for allowing the service road across their land.  The closure is necessary because the road has partly collapsed and will need to be excavated.  These works are scheduled for 12 weeks until mid-December, however Highways hope to complete before then, weather permitting!  Cllr Metcalfe stated that the movement of the retaining wall was first reported in August 2019 a response received stated the situation had been noted but it did not meet their criteria and it would be monitored. The Council were of the opinion that a prompt repair of this could have prevented the current situation.
  4. Downgrading of Priority Gritting from 2 to 3 on Silver Hill. The Clerk reported that Highways had informed him that there was no appeals procedure. The Clerk to write to Rishi Sunak MP to establish if there is a possibility of restoring this 50 year plus service to the community.
  5. Surface Dressing between Thwaite & Keld – Highways have conceded that some of the potholes were not filled before proceeding, but they have since been examined and have no sharp edges and do not meet the criteria for further action.
  6. Road Closure at Ivelet – Councillors asked if this matter could be expedited to remove the diversion, as soon as possible. The Clerk to contact Highways.
  7. Pot Holes B6270 near to Smithy Holme – Councillor Calvert reported that there were 2 potholes, the 2nd one created by traffic avoiding the first one. Clerk to report to Highways.
  8. Correspondence/AOB: included above in relevant section.
  1. Date and Time of Next Meeting: 30pm Thursday 7th December  2023 at Muker Village Hall.

The meeting closed at  9.05 pm.


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