Concern about charges to use public toilets in Muker

Muker. Photo: Dennis Turner.

Minutes from Muker Parish Council’s September meeting

Matters Arising

WW1 Beacons – There had been no response as of yet to the posters regarding the WW1 Beacons, if any member of the parish would like to see the Parish taking part in the commemorations then they are requested to contact the Clerks.

Defibrillator Tan Hill – Clerks had completed the grant form for the Area Partnership Fund.

Water on Road Muker – Nothing to report

Silver Hill – A site meeting is to be held with Cllr Blackie, Cllr Whitehead and Richard Marr of NYCC Highways.

Missing Sign Crackpot – the sign had not yet been replaced.

Bench Muker – To be included in the meeting regarding Silver Hill.

Streetlights Keld –RDC have placed a hood on the Streetlight no2. Clerks to contact RDC regarding light sensors in the toilets.

BT Box Keld – Iain Burgess of NYCC had been in touch and was to arrange a site meeting with Cllr Whitehead.

Telephone Box – Thwaite – Cllr Blackie had highlighted the problem to BT and it was on a list to be fixed.

Rubbish Bin – Guide Posts – Clerks had reported the issue to Highways – Clerks to contact Highways again.


Audit – Annual Return – The Annual Return had been received from PKF Littlejohn and would now be displayed for Public perusal.

Parish Precept – The Parish Council agreed to request an increase of the precept to £1800.00 Proposed by: Cllr Metcalfe, Seconded by Cllr Calvert


Cllr Calvert raised an issue regarding the road approaching Hoggarths Bridge. Wagons have had to pull over to let other vehicles across the bridge which has caused the tarmac on the road edge to give way and it needs reinstating. Clerks to contact Highways

Cllr Metcalfe raised the issue of inadequate grass cutting of road side verges. There are lots of small bushes which have not been cut, the whole way along the dale and in his opinion the work has been poorly carried out. Clerks to contact Highways.

Richmondshire D.C

Car park machine – Muker – Gary Hudson of RDC had attended the machine due to a fault, which has now been rectified.

Premises Licence had been received for a B&B at Greenses Farm – no objections

Defibrillator project 2013 – Surveys had been received and completed regarding the purchase and use of the defibrillators in Thwaite and Muker.

NYCC– Commons Land Register update – a letter had been received regarding the ownership of Common Land Unit CL368 (South West part of Old Quarries, Keld).

YDNPAA letter had been received regarding the felling of trees at Guildy Hall Muker – YDNP had no objection, nor did the Parish Council.


A Letter had been received from the Upper Dales Fireworks Committee. Clerk to contact stating that The Parish Council will not make a donation but are happy to publicise the event.

Cllr Blackie informed the meeting of a recent issue regarding contractors mistakenly placing signs detailing road closures on the B6270 which were on the wrong road. Highways had apologised for the mistake.

Cllr Blackie also informed the meeting of the intention by Richmondshire District Council to reduce the cleaning schedule of the toilets in Muker and Keld to four times a week, this at a time when the Council are also implementing a 20p charge for the public to use the toilets. The Parish Council were concerned regarding this reduction. Cllr Blackie asked that the Clerks monitor any complaints received regarding the toilets. Alison Stringer raised the issue of there being no sanitary bins in the ladies cubicles, which often led to the toilets being untidy. Clerks to contact RDC.

Cllr Blackie stated that a Community Land Trust Officer had been recruited to set up and register a Community Land Trust in Hawes and the Upper Dales. The Trust will assist land owners with the aid of loans and grants to build affordable housing on land designated for this purpose in perpetuity. These houses will be rented to local people. The Land Trust and Parish Councils in these areas will have a say in who will be able to rent these properties.

Cllr Blackie stated that he had, had a great deal of support from eleven councils and individual residents regarding his proposal for the local Boundary Review.

Date and Time of Next Meeting: Thursday 2 November 2017. 7.30pm

The meeting closed at 8.20pm.