Concern over axing of bus service linking Catterick and Richmond to Darlington

File pic. Photo: Arriva.

The axing of a bus service linking Colburn, Catterick and Richmond to Darlington as prompted concern from community leaders.

Arriva has announced that its 22:24 journey from Colburn to Darlington is being withdrawn due to “unsustainable passenger demand”.

The service, which takes in Catterick Garrison and Richmond, will be cancelled from July 9.

The cancellation is part of a raft of cut to its timetable announced by the bus company.

Although the service runs in North Yorkshire, Arriva has blamed a lack of funding from local authorities in the North east for the changes.

It says the rates at which both Durham County Council and Tees Valley Combined Authority have reimbursed Arriva for their respective English National Concessionary Fares Scheme schemes for this new financial year has been cut by up to 28 per cent per cent in comparison to levels of reimbursement provided before COVID-19.

The company added: “At the same time Arriva are operating around 94 per cent of service miles in comparison across both areas in total.

“These reimbursement rates fall well below the levels paid by other authorities within the region and, in our view, are not in line with the latest concessionary guidance issued by the Department for Transport.”

In response to the cut, North Yorkshire Council’s Richmond councillor Stuart Parsons said: “The service is used by both those who travel to work outside of Richmond and Colburn but is also the bus of choice for soldiers returning from leave.

“The is absolutely no justification for Arriva’s decision.

“They are damaging the local economy and undermining support for the Armed Forces. They and North Yorkshire Council must come up with a positive solution – immediately.”

One user, who asked not to be named, added: “This late bus is used by many people and who can travel to Skeeby, Scotch Corner, Barton, Stapleton etc from Richmond to Darlington.

“It is used also by many catering staff who work in Richmond and Scotch Corner and provides a vital late night transport back to their homes in Darlington. These workers are not on brilliant wages and the withdrawal of this bus service means they will not be able to continue with their jobs.”

They added: “With the massive development of a retail park and garden centre and other businesses at Scotch Corner soon to be completed there are an estimated 1,000 plus jobs to be created there. Many of these workers will be from Darlington and Richmond areas.

“There will be a need of public transport to travel back from work. This is not the time to be cutting bus services.”



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  1. I was involved, many years ago, with the X35 which in effect transported 6th form students from Catterick village to Darlington. It never ends this round of public transport cuts, whilst being told by government ” driving is bad” if the council wants a bus service they should provide it and then the community would have a say every election time

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