Concern over plans for up to 100 houses in Hipswell

The location of the proposed development in Hipswell.

Local residents have expressed their concerns over plans for up to 100 new houses in Hipswell.

An outline planning application has been submitted to Richmondshire District Council for the housing plus open space on land off Byng Road.

The site is currently fields and woodland, with Colburn Beck running through it.

The developers propose a mix of mainly detached properties, although the site could include some short terraces and semi-detached housing.

A report submitted with the plans states: “An extensive suite of technical reports accompanying this application demonstrate that the site is deliverable and conclude that there are no technical, environmental or any other harm reasons why the application proposal should not be approved.

“All mitigation measures proposed can be controlled by appropriately worded planning conditions.”

A new vehicle access is proposed from Byng Road.

An alternative emergency vehicle access is also planned to the site from St Johns Road, using an existing access point.

The developers say that due to ongoing Covid-19 restrictions, the project team has been unable to undertake a community-wide consultation on the plans.

Instead, online meetings were held with local elected members for them to pass on information to residents.

But 38 local residents have so far submitted objections to the scheme.

Their concerns include road safety, with claims it will cause “traffic chaos” on the narrow road from the White Shops junction to the village, and the destruction of a green space.

One resident said: “I would strongly object the proposed development.

“This will greatly affect quality of life for the residents’ of Hipswell, the wildlife and add pressure to the already strained local services.

“Development of greenfield land intersecting flood zones should not be pursued.”

Another added: “This road in winter is very prone to black ice and when it snows it is inaccessible in both directions until the snowplough has been out.”

Another resident said: “I like some of the ideas such as keeping part of it woodland and creating paths through to enjoy it but it is just not viable with the entrance and number of houses proposed, furthermore what would stop it being developed further in the future.”

Colburn Town Council has also objected for a number of reasons including the safety of children walking to nearby schools.

It said in its response: “Sewerage would flow to the Colburn works and this is another development putting pressure on the old underground pipework and number of lorries using Colburn Lane for access to the works.”

A landscape plan submitted with the application.

For more details on the plans, click here.



  1. It will never end till all green spaces are built on. Who needs these houses? it’s developers and land owners making loads of dosh!! Encouraged by planners to hit targets.They don’t give a toss about existing residents and how their lives are affected! Detached houses, people who can afford these houses can live anywhere, instead of spoiling green countryside.

    • Surely if nobody ‘need these houses’ then the landowners and developers would be losing ‘loads of dosh’? The fact they can turn a profit on the development suggests the houses are needed.
      Your statement that the ‘people who can afford these houses can live anywhere’ doesn’t address the fact that there would still need to be house available ‘anywhere’ for them to buy, from which i deduce that you’re not against houses per-se, just in Hipswell and that building them ‘anywhere’ else, rather than Hipswell is OK? I do wonder, if rather than PH, the acronym you were looking for was perhaps NIMBY?

  2. Why should certain place not be built on when many places around the Garrison are squeezing more and more housing on . Hipswell should be no different.

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