Concern that beauty spot cat may have been rescued by mistake

Felix has gone missing from the national park centre at Aysgarth.

Concerns are growing that a popular cat which lives at a Yorkshire Dales beauty spot may have been rescued by mistake.

Felix — so-called because she resembles the cat on the Felix cat food advert — was born in the woods near the cafe at the Aysgarth Falls national park centre.

She is now 13 and has many fans around the world with visitors to the popular beauty spot often taking photos of her.

Felix went missing last Monday afternoon.

John Lawton, who helps at the centre, said: “We think she may have accidentally been rescued as she doesn’t go far from the centre.

“All the surrounding grounds have been searched. She is accommodated at the park centre and is looked after well.

“We are really worried about her. She is much loved by the staff and by many visitors to the park centre and is much missed.”

If you have information on the whereabouts of Felix call the park centre on 01969 662911 or John on 07876 454213.