Concerns raised about Easby slurry lagoon plans

The track to the proposed slurry lagoon of the B6271. photo: Google.

Residents and local businesses have called for plans for a new slurry lagoon on farmland to be rejected.

A proposal for the lagoon on land at Broken Brae Farm, between Easby and Brompton-on-Swale, has been submitted to Richmondshire District Council.

The applicants, AR&C Booth & Sons, want to build the 35m x 22m x 2m depth facility to store animal slurry from their dairy farm at Bolton-on-Swale before it is spread on fields.

Documents submitted with the plans state: “The applicants are highly experienced in handling such liquids as part of their underlying livestock business which is focused at Village Farm Bolton-on-Swale.

“The proposal will enable on site storage of liquid slurry in the lagoon to be applied as appropriate as opposed to being transported to Broken Brae each time spreading occurs.

“Farm slurry will be transported during winter for retention in the lagoon and directly applied to the land holding here at a suitable time to aid crop growth.”

However, 19 objections have been received by the council.

A number of concerns are raised.

These include the smell and fumes from the lagoon, and the additional traffic on the road through Brompton from vehicles bringing the slurry to the lagoon from Bolton-on-Swale.

One resident said: “The slurry lagoon location is very close to local residents who will have to endure the negative effects of the pollution, smell and harmful bacteria which can be spread by wind to the adjacent properties.”

Another resident said: “I live in Brompton-on-Swale and presumably the farmer will be driving the slurry through the village several times a week with this smelly, hazardous effluent.

“The village roads are narrow and congested as it is. Will the council be cleaning the roads after each trip as each trip will be a messy business?”

Several business owners have also raised objections.

William Stephenson, from Brompton Lakes, said: “Our luxury accommodation at Brompton Lakes draws 8,000+ tourists to Richmondshire each year.

“I oppose the addition of a slurry lagoon due to the negative impact it will have on our business and immediate highways.

“I do not see any clear benefit it will have on the Broken Brea and Brompton-on-Swale area.”

The planning document concludes: “The proposed development will facilitate the appropriate agricultural activity of this particular land parcel and meets an established need.

“The location would not be prominent beyond the immediate site setting and its use would give rise to no material impact upon neighbouring properties.”

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