Concerns raised after quarry applies to increase vehicle movements

Melsonby. Photo: Mick Garratt.

Concerns have been raised after a quarry applied to more than double the number of vehicle going to and from the site every day.

An application has been submitted to North Yorkshire County Council to increase the number of vehicle movements at Low Grange Quarry, near Melsonby, from 24 per day up to 60 per day.

The applicants say that the previous limit was set at 24 in the interests of highways safety.

However, they point out that there have since been improvements to the nearby A66, which has been made into dual-carriageway on the stretch near the village.

The junction to the B6274, which is used by the quarry vehicles, has also improved.

The applicants say the additional vehicle movements are needed due to an expansion of the business.

However, Melsonby Parish Council has raised concerns about the application, saying it needs “serious consideration before progressing”.

It adds in its response: “The parish council would like to know what is going to be done about the road damage from the A66 to the quarry, as this is already in a dangerous state, as is from Winston to the A66 which is caused by the heavy traffic from the recycling plant located on a farm.

“On a number of times it has been noted and concerns raised by residents and councillors that quarry vehicles have come through the village.

“Can Low Grange confirm and guarantee that no vehicles will use the village as a byway to the quarry?”

Local councillors have asked for a “watertight guarantee” that vehicles will not come through the village and, if they do, any permission for additional vehicle movements would be removed.

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