Condition of building used by Costa prompts complaints

Costa in Leyburn before its closure.

The condition of the building used by Costa in Leyburn has prompted complaints.

The coffee shop opened in the former HSBC bank last year after it was put on the market for £220,000.

Although the ground floor was refurbished, the upper floors were not altered and vegetation is now growing on the building.

Concerns have also been raised about the amount of pigeon droppings on the building and the surrounding pavement.

The coffee shop closed in March due to the lockdown and has not yet reopened.

Leyburn mayor, Richard Sanderson, said the town council had attempted to contact the owners on several occasions but had not had a reply.

“We have sent several letters to the owners about the general condition of the building but I don’t think we’ve had a response.

“We’ve also mentioned to the staff in the cafe and they’ve said they would pass it on.

“The issue regarding the pigeon droppings wasn’t that bad when they were open because they would clean it up regularly but it obviously got worse since they’ve been shut.”

It is understood the branch is run by a Costa franchisee, Cuppacoff Limited, a company which runs a number of Costa shops across the country and is based in Wembley, London.

The firm also runs the Bedale branch which has reopened after Covid-19 restrictions have relaxed.

Richmondshire Today has contacted the franchisee about the premises but has not yet had a reply.



  1. This is a food and drink establishment and as such contravenes public health standards, Pigeon droppings are known to be particularly hazardous and Environmental Health should now be involved to take action when clearly the Franchise and the Owners have not responded, suggesting a total lack of respect and care for the community!

  2. You do wonder whether if – had this been a locally owned business as most Leyburn businesses are – this would have been allowed to happen.

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