Conservatives hold Richmond seat

Rishi Sunak is congratluated by other candidates.

The Conservative Party has retaken the Richmond (Yorks) seat.

Rishi Sunak received 36,693 votes giving him 63 per cent of the vote. It was a slight increase on the 36,458 votes he received two years ago.

In second place was Labour’s Thom Kirkwood who received 9,483 votes.

The Liberal Democrats’ Philip Knowles got 6,989 votes, while the Green Party’s John Yorke 2,500.

Yorkshire Party candidate Laurence Waterhouse got 1,077 votes, while Independent Nick Jardine received 961 votes.

Rishi Sunak’s majority of 63 per cent is almost identical to the figure in 2017.

The turnout was 70.13 per cent, 57,906 ballot papers being issued.

After the result was announced Mr Sunak appeared delighted and thanked his rivals for the seat saying they had run “respectful and constructive” campaigns.

He added: “It is the greatest privilege of my life to have this job. The opportunity to represent all of you down in Westminster, fighting for the things that we all care about, whether it’s the Friarage or better broadband for our rural area. Those are the things that I absolutely love doing.

“To have the opportunity to serve you again, for hopefully now four or five years before we are here again is an enormous privilege and one that I am very grateful for and I will continue to do my absolute utmost to make sure I can repay the faith that you have all put in me.”

It had been clear early on at the count that there would be no major surprise over the seat which at the 2010 general election, produced the largest numerical and percentage majority for a Conservative at that election, with William Hague securing 62.8 per cent of the vote.

Tory-run North Yorkshire County Council leader Councillor Carl Les said: “It’s one of the safest Conservative seats, made safe by a succession of excellent Conservative MPs.

“As a leader of local government, we have been waiting for that throughout the last parliament where we want to talk to the government about issues such as care for the elderly.”

The constituency has been a Conservative seat since Old Etonian William George Algar Orde-Powlett, 5th Baron Bolton was elected for the party in 1910.



  1. It’s Time Rishi actually did work for the people here instead of his parlimentary position ! Time he supported those women who face injustice by previous conservatives, rolled his sleeves up and got his hands dirty fighting south tees for our hospital services back too ! Rishi loves to tell us he was brought up by great parents in the NHS bows the time to prove he knows what he spouts and take our hospital back to proper home management ! Could also give his parents jobs there too ? Well done Bick Jardine the one honest candidate fighting for the hospital !!!

    • Well Sandra, I hope you feel better now you have got that off your chest. No need to take up a doctors appointment thinking it was a bronchial infection.

  2. To give credit Rishi did do exactly as promised but is far too party line for my tastes. In particular I would thank Mr Jardine for his position on the Friarage which Rishi kicked into the long grass. I didn’t hear any promise of a new hospital being built on the A1 instead we cater for City centres and North Sea. As to the so called County Council Leader the sooner you get back on your expensive bike and go the better

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