Construction job leads to career in architecture for Catterick Village man

Chris Jeffrie.

A job in the construction industry as a teenager has led to a career in architecture for a Catterick Village man.

After working in the industry from 15, Chris Jeffrie realised he had a flair and passion for creative design and returned to university to study as an architectural technologist.

He graduated with a first class honours degree and went on to work with one of the largest architectural practices in the North-East.

Chris felt he needed to broaden his experience and secured a post graduate position with a rural architectural practice.

This move helped him gain a different perspective and knowledge between the large multi-million pound projects such as schools, leisure centres and hospitals he had been working on and learn about rural buildings, conversions of period properties and clients homes on a much more smaller and more ‘hands on’ scale.

After gaining these experiences, Chris felt the time was right to start his own practice. This was when 4:18 architecture was born.

Chris said the aim of 4:18 Architecture is to have a collaborative approach with clients when planning their developments and projects.

Chris said: “It is not just about how good the design is, it is about how that design will work with the client and their lives, after the project is finished.”

It is a common complaint that projects often run so far over budget and that huge compromises must be made with the finish and this can greatly impact the end result.

Chris suggests “Everyone has seen Grand Designs and watched as a family have had to scrimp and save just to get the project finished and move out of the caravan, or they have had to make huge compromises on the end result because they have run out of money, but this does not have to be the case”

Looking to the future, Chris hopes to help many people to design and build the projects of their dreams.

If you are interested in discussing your plan/project with Chris, give him a call on 07834158302, or visit his website