Consultant appointed to create a garrison ‘masterplan’ as proposed Brough St Giles scheme increases to 150 homes

The homes would have been built on land to the east of Brough St Giles.

The Ministry of Defence is set to appoint a consultant to create a masterplan for Catterick Garrison, it has emerged, as residents said enough is enough to developers amid concerns local services and infrastructure will be unable to cope if any more house building is approved.

Catterick Bridge councillor and leader of North Yorkshire County Council Carl Les said the blueprint would enable an integrated plan to be developed alongside the Army’s move to create a “super garrison”.

With personnel rising to 8,400 at the largest British Army base in the world over the next 14 years and an average of 2.1 dependants moving to the town with each serviceman or woman, it is understood the masterplan will feature significant changes to roads, schools and primary care.

The masterplan announcement came as residents reacted to proposals to increase the number of homes at a housing development at Brough St Giles, off Catterick Road, which was granted planning permission in 2018.

Developers Berkeley DeVeer said following discussions with Richmondshire District Council it now believed there was room for 150 rather than 107 homes on the site. It said the increase in homes on the site off Cookson Way would enable them to build more affordable homes, as well as public open space and “a pleasant environment to live”.

A spokesman for the firm said: “New housing will generate tangible economic, social and environmental benefits that will maintain and enhance a thriving and vibrant community as well as make a positive contribution to the sustainable development and growth in Catterick Garrison and the wider district.”

However, several large-scale housing and commercial developments off Catterick Road have already either been approved or have been submitted and numerous residents have called for a halt to developments until infrastructure and services catch up.

Resident Susan Pollard said: “Rather than thinking of building another 150 houses, maybe the accessibility should be improved first as I believe that is far more important for current residents.

Another objector, Graham Box, said: “The area can’t take any more houses unless essential services and highways are improved.”

Resident Kelly Bennett added: “I strongly object. You need to be building more facilities for the people already living in the area. More schools, doctors surgeries, dentists. Put money into cleaning up the place instead of destroying what little is left of this areas natural beauty!”

Cllr Les said having seen how quickly authorities can act in response to Covid-19 he wanted to see the masterplan developed rapidly and include consultation with residents.

He said: “I am very hopeful that the masterplan will address the concerns that the residents have. Development and infrastructure must go hand in hand.” [kofi]


  1. All well and good as long as the ‘masterplan’ is not just planned but implemented too. Too often are things planned and promised, without any actual outcome or only long after it is needed.

  2. Until they build a new road in and out of the garrison the traffic is only going to get worse. It already takes 25 minutes in rush hour to get from one end to the other.
    What about,schools,college,hospital,doctors,supermarkets,buses,jobs for locals etc..otherwise all these people are going to still travel out of the area causing more and more traffic.
    You can’t have more housing without the infrastructure.

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