Consultation launched on planned A684 roadworks in Hawes and Leyburn

The full list of proposed changes for Hawes.

A consultation has been launched on proposals which road bosses hope will improve safety along the A684 in Wensleydale.

North Yorkshire County Council is consulting on plans for a series of works to be financed by the Government’s Safer Roads Fund, which seeks to address issues on 50 A roads identified by the Government as having the highest-risk of serious collisions in the country.

Consultations are now under way on proposals relating to several locations along the A684.

These include:

  • a new footway in Hawes, new parking arrangements, a new signal crossing at the junction of the A684 and The Hill, removing or changing the one-way system and introducing new signals
  • in Leyburn, a new mini roundabout at the junction of the A684 and Brentwood and changes to the layout of the High Street roundabout are planned
  • improvements to lay-bys at various locations, including Hawes, Leyburn, Middleham and Crakehall

The proposals follow a successful bid for funding from the Department for Transport.

The proposed work in Leyburn.

County Councillor Don Mackenzie, Executive Member for Access, said: “The A684 is a vital route for residents, businesses and visitors, as it provides a gateway to the Dales and an important east to west connection for the county. We need to move ahead with the consultations on these proposals now, because delay could put our funding at risk.

“Under normal circumstances as part of a consultation such as this we would hold public events at which people could view the proposals, comment and ask questions. Unfortunately, that is not practical given the restrictions in place to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic.

“However, we are very keen for all members of the public to have the opportunity to have their say. As well as creating a dedicated web page where people can read details of all the proposals and give their views, we have also arranged for plans to be displayed at Hawes Community Office and the Co-op and Market Shelter in Leyburn.”

In addition, consultations packs are being sent to residents and businesses around the locations of the proposals in Hawes and Leyburn.

Plans to change the one-way system in Hawes have previously been discussed, but were abandoned in 2018 after proving unpopular with local residents.

Cllr Karin Sedgwick, member for Middle Dales division, said: “I would encourage people to put forward their views on these well thought-out proposals.

“I believe the short-term disruptions, particularly in Leyburn, will be worth it for the benefit of having safer roads in and around the town.”

Cllr Yvonne Peacock, member for Upper Dales division, said: “It is vital that we hear local people’s views on these proposals, so I urge everyone to look at the plans and respond to this consultation.

“I am waiting with great interest to find out what people think, so please take part.”

The county council has already undertaken some improvements on the A684 using the Safer Road Fund.

This included safety work on the Spennithorne railway bridge over the Wensleydale Railway line between Constable Burton and Harmby, where a service vehicle layby was created, stop lining and signage revised and crash barriers replaced and extended.

Full details of all the proposals and the opportunity to comment on each of them can be found at

The consultations will be open until Friday, 24 July.



  1. We need a mini roundabout at the junction of Middleham Road and the 684 when the houses at the garage were built in front of the building line you have to pull so far out to see if anything is coming from Harmby

  2. Hawes definitely needs these! The folk of Hawes are stuck in the 80s, I’m sorry but if these don’t go ahead it will only get spent on some useless by-pass down dale!
    They mean nowt gets done in Hawes and when its actually there and ready to be done they dont want it …. Crazy and Backward Thinking.

  3. County councillor Don Mackenzie assured a public meeting in Hawes that if local residents didn’t want the proposed changes to the present one way system we didn’t have to have it, ….. well the majority don’t want it!!!

  4. It would be helpful if you could zoom in on the proposed plans for Hawes or is that a tactical move?

  5. It’s astounding that the two way traffic system with lights has found it’s way back into the proposal agenda for improvements to the A684 through Hawes. As Kevin Tasker makes the point above, that element of proposals was emphatically rejected at that meeting and all officials agreed it was a “dead duck ” So why has time effort and money no doubt been wasted yet again? Does the right hand know what the lefts doing. There may have been some benefits in such a scheme, but it is recognized and well understood by, I would say a majority of Hawes and district people that such a scheme would cause gridlock when traffic is heavy, as it often is and like many ill thought out schemes, all be it started with good intent, but then after expense of installation follows expense of removal . I’d personally like to see some of the money spent on lasting quality pot hole repairs instead of the the usual ones that don’t last five mins. and pot holes are relevant to road safety which the money intended for.

  6. Traffic lights , why traffic lights most places are getting rid of them . They can cause traffic congestion and stop free flowing traffic I have always thought the free flowing system at Hawes good , it is the parking on the roads that cause more of a problem

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