Controversial documentary Oh Jeremy Corbyn — The Big Lie to be screened in Richmond

A controversial documentary about Jeremy Corbyn is to be screened in Richmond next month.

Oh Jeremy Corbyn – The Big Lie tells the story of the unexpected rise of the former Labour leader and an alleged “conspiracy of forces” which brought him down.

The film will be screened at the Comrades, in Newbiggin, Richmond, on June 25.

Since being launched earlier this year the film has been screened by local groups in more than a hundred towns across the country.

Producer Norman Thomas said: “And this despite Labour Party bosses having gone to extreme lengths to suppress the film.

“Labour members have been warned off watching the film, screenings have being cancelled due to pressure from Starmer-supporting councillors and the TUC even openly banned the film from a major trade union festival in July.”

But Mr Thomas believes both major parties are horrified at even the slightest possibility of a revival of Corbynism.

He said: “When Jeremy Corbyn ran for election in 2017, nobody had seen anything like the popular support he got, the huge outdoor rallies, the numbers of young people who voted for him — the possibility that all this might rise again is a frightening prospect for both Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer.”

Narrated by Alexei Sayle and starring award-winning film director, Ken Loach, the film not only tells the story of the rise and fall of Corbyn but also highlights what its producer describes as a “spycop” role played by Keir Starmer in Corbyn’s shadow cabinet.



Mr Thomas said: “The film exposes the deeply deceptive part Starmer played inside the Labour Party when it was led by Jeremy Corbyn.

“Starmer conned the membership with his pledged, sabotaged Labour’s electoral efforts in 2019 and helped bring Corbyn down — all the time pretending to be something he wasn’t.

“He was, as the film shows, nothing other than an establishment spy cop.”

Screening organiser Mike Jinks said:  “The screening is going to be an eye-opener not just for Rishi Sunak but for large parts of the entire political establishment.

“They thought they’d buried Corbyn and Corbynism. But just the fact that the film is being screened here in Richmond suggests they may have got things badly wrong — that Corbynism may be on the rise again.”

Tickets for the showing are free.

To register interest, email Mike Kinks here.


  1. I wonder if it features him with his Jew-killing, quote, ‘friends’ from Hamas and Hezbollah, shaking hands with Putin, his appearance on Channel One of Russian TV attacking Nato, and on Iran’s Press TV blaming an Islamic terrorist attack in Egypt on, quote, ‘the hand of Israel’.

  2. I wonder if it will feature Corbyn on YouTube praising his Jew-killing quote, ‘friends’ Hamas and Hezbollah, shaking hands with Putin, appearing on Russian TV Channel One attacking Nato one year after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and again on YouTube, as a Presenter on Iran’s Press TV channel, blaming an Islamic terrorist attack in Egypt on, quote, ‘the hand of Israel’.

  3. The witch hunt in the Labour party and the sabatage campaign going on was so obvious.the friends of Israel had there full agenda in place to distroy labour chances in full swing of there smoke screen nonsense of anti Semitic broken record playing has a smoke screen to distroy Jeremy Corbyn.then you have sir.Kire starmar masquerading has a labour leader back stabber with the Tory polices .with his dispicable behaviour shooting down anyone Question the war crimes of the Apartheid zoinst state has anti-semitism.labour has gone to the pan hole .I will never vote for labour again it has become a zoinst lobby and working against workers right to strike and support workers with starimer sacking labour MPs for showing support.we need to get rid of two face sir kier starimer for labour to survive.

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