Cost of North Yorkshire fire engine crashes revealed

Photo: Richmond Fire Station.

North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue has revealed how much it has cost it in repairs and insurance claims following appliance accidents.

Thousands of pounds have been spent on fire service vehicles in North Yorkshire following collisions.

Incidents since August 2022 include impacts with structures, stationary vehicles and trees.

On less common occasions, fire service vehicles in North Yorkshire have been hit by other vehicles and have made an impact with road furniture, non-fixed objects, a moving vehicle and, on one occasion, an animal.

In an online public meeting for the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner on Thursday, September 21, Damian Henderson, area manager and director of service improvement and assurance, said: “Our low-speed incidents continue to be the majority of our vehicles’ accidents.”

He added that of 18 reported incidents: “The approximate cost per accident is £1,300 but that has been distorted by one of the accidents equating to over half of the £25,000 and actually the majority of these incidents, the remedial work needed is below £500 per repair.”

Police and Crime Commissioner Zoe Metcalfe expressed her concern telling Mr Henderson: “I know that relatively compared to across the country that it’s in line but it’s still high for us and I just want to make sure that we are getting some learning for it and these occurrences don’t happen as often because it’s still money that needs to be spent.”

There was one appliance accident on blue lights in July, which was in the Richmond area, and one not on blue lights, which was in the York and Selby area.

These were recorded as ‘impact with a wing mirror on a stationary vehicle’ and ‘impact with an appliance bay door.’

77 per cent of incidents were at low speed and nationally, the highest proportion of large goods vehicle insurance claims involve slow manoeuvring at less than 20mph, according to the International Road Safety Training website.

North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue say all incidents are reviewed individually and reported.

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