Council agrees £115,000 funding for Tour de Yorkshire

Buttertubs during the the Tour de Yorkshire. Photo: Mick Garratt.

Funding for this year’s visit of the Tour de Yorkshire to Richmondshire has been approved.

Leyburn will host a start or finish of the prestigious cycling event – which takes place from April 30 to May 3.

It joins seven other locations in Leeds this Friday to find out which day of the event it is hosting – and its exact route.

Last night, members of Richmondshire District Council’s corporate board agreed to set up a £30,000 community funding pot to help local villages and towns get involved when the race visits.

They also agreed to finance £85,000 of the £185,000 needed to host the event with the remaining £100,000 coming from the North and West Yorkshire Business Rates pool, which has provided funding for previous events.

“Bringing the Tour de Yorkshire to Leyburn is going to be a massive boost not just for the town but for the district as a whole,” said council leader, Councillor Angie Dale.

“It is a showcase event for the region and other host locations have recorded big economic impacts as a result.

“We look forward to finding out the race route and Leyburn’s involvement later this week.”


  1. Did absolutely nothing for us last year! ( slowest day in the shop for a long time) so why is this year going to be any different ? !

  2. Those bikes do not help local businesses!!!! You ask anyone who runs a business or works in one. The visitors last year just watched the bikes go through & then left.
    When will someone talk to local people & ask them what they want, before making decisions for them. Please spend our council taxes on other more important issues!!!!!!!

  3. The evidence of positive effects on local businesses mentioned by Angie Dale have been taken from an anecdotal survey undertaken by Sheffield University, no actual factual statistics have been table to follow that up. Looking at the previous comments it would appear that the ‘original survey’was flawed in some way, it amazes me that our council is prepared to hand out cash we don’t have (or they wouldn’t be cutting back on other services eg. elderly care) to an event so obviously of no interest to the majority of the public and has no evidence that there is any financial benefit to the community they serve.

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