Council announces £150 energy rebate plans

Richmondshire District Council is asking council tax bill payers to ensure their personal details contained on their council tax bills are up to date and accurate.

Officials say the information held on council tax bills will be used as a basis for one of the two government announced schemes to reduce the impact of national increases to energy costs with rebates paid to council tax payers.

Most households in council tax bands A to D will qualify for a payment of £150, providing they are occupied as a sole or main residence on April 1, 2022.

If you pay your council tax by direct debit you will get the rebate automatically providing your council tax details match with the bank account details we hold.

A spokesperson for Richmondshire District Council said: “In line with the Government rules and guidance on rebates, payments will not start to be made to direct debit payers until after the date of their first instalment in April.

“Council taxpayers who pay by other means will be contacted by email, if we hold those details, or letter outlining the application process for payment.

“The Government has made a limited amount of funding available to the council for those households who are solely or mainly resident in our area and who do not qualify for the £150 payment.

“The council is currently developing a discretionary scheme and details will be available on the Council’s website during April 2022.”

Details of these schemes can be found on the council’s website.

An explanatory leaflet from the Government will be included with a resident’s council tax bill.