Council chiefs thank Richmondshire’s mobile and residential wardens

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Richmondshire’s team of mobile and residential wardens continue to provide a lifeline to older residents through regular contact and emergency support.

The district council has seven sheltered housing schemes where 213 residents are supported via residential teams, with a further 530 residents supported through the Lifeline service.

All the warden teams have been praised for looking after the residents and dealing with all manner of requests and enquiries.

“Our teams have been able to help residents live as independently and safely as possible bearing in mind the covid-19 restrictions,” said corporate director Colin Dales.

“It has been exceptionally hard to maintain a homely and community spirit in our sheltered housing schemes when residents have not been allowed to socialise together. But we have come up with ways to keep residents in contact with others as best we can”.

He said wardens have worked longer hours to reduce the number of people coming into the sheltered schemes, often working through their rest periods.

“They have kept in regular safe communications with clients – preparing space for deliveries of food packages from families and support agencies.

“And the mobile wardens have adapted to cope with the needs of people on the Lifeline system.

He added: “Knowing the residents well and having good strong working relationships to support people during this pandemic has been vitally important and is testament to the work our officers do.

“We are now working out safe ways for residents to see their families and friends while observing the social distance rules – but not having too many visitors in a scheme at any one time.”