Council chiefs welcome submission of Catterick Garrison town centre plans

An artist's impression of the new town centre development.

Council chiefs have welcomed the submission of plans a £21 million scheme to redevelop Catterick Garrison’s town centre.

The planning application for the development has been lodged with North Yorkshire Council.

Permission is being sought to create a new town square on Shute Road, a new pedestrian ramp connecting the development to Richmond Road, and the construction of a Community and Enterprise Building.

The building, which will house offices for small businesses as well as space for community groups and food retail, will reduce carbon emissions through the use of sustainable design and renewable energy.

The plans also include landscaping improvements, upgrades to Coronation Park and Shute Road, improved play spaces, accessible routes to the town centre and improvements to footpaths and cycleways.

The application has been lodged following a public consultation in July when 72 per cent of the community who responded to a survey were positive about the new proposal.

North Yorkshire Council’s executive member for open to business, Cllr Derek Bastiman, said: “Moving to the planning phase is an exciting step forward for this new development. The scheme will breathe new life into a tired area of Catterick Garrison town centre and bring new opportunities and facilities for the many people who live there – both civilians and members of the military.”

North Yorkshire Council is working closely with the Ministry of Defence (MOD) to bring the proposals to fruition by June 2025. The council has received £19 million from the Levelling Up Fund, with the remaining match-funding coming from the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) and the authority.

James Roy, estates manager for the Defence Infrastructure Organisation, said: “Catterick is an important Garrison for the British Army and this is a significant milestone for the redevelopment proposals. We continue to recognise the need for regeneration of urban areas, to benefit both military and civilian communities.”

Catterick Garrison is home to one of the largest Army bases in the country with the town centre transformation bringing benefits to Armed Forces personnel and their families.

North Yorkshire has a proud history associated with the military, which dates back more than a century. There are 10,770 military personal in the county, one of the largest numbers nationally.

All documents associated with the planning applications can be found at