Council inspects Leyburn take-away after ants in naan bread complaint

Rupali Balti House and ants on a naan, inset.

A Leyburn take-away with a zero food hygiene rating has been visited by food hygiene inspectors after a customer reporting finding ants in a naan bread.

The order was placed at the Rupali Balti House at the end of June by a local family, who have asked not to be named.

The customer said it was only when they were half way through the meal that they found the dead black ants in the Peshwari naan.

The customer said: “We found six or seven ants but that’s when we’d finished half the naan so I don’t know if we’d eaten any.

“I’d had some and my children had some too. I’m sure they’ve eaten worse things but it’s what you expect when you order a take-away.

“It was a Peshwari naan so I don’t know if the ants came from the honey glaze but they certainly shouldn’t have been there.”

The customer took the naan bread back to the take-away.

Staff apologised and gave a refund for the food.


The customer said they found six or seven ants in the naan.



The customer said they didn’t realise until after the meal that the take-away received a zero rating following an inspection in February.

The report concluded that urgent improvements were necessary particularly with handling of food including preparation, cooking, re-heating, cooling and storage.

Commenting on the complaint about ants in a naan bread, North Yorkshire Council’s assistant director for regulatory services, Callum McKeon, said: “Our environmental health team for the Leyburn area received a complaint from a member of the public alleging that after they returned home with a takeaway from the Rupali in the town, they saw ants on a naan bread.

“An officer visited the premises, but no ants were found there.

“The owner voluntarily closed the premises to undertake a deep clean and only reopened once officers were satisfied that they should do so. A further inspection will be made by officers later this week.”

A spokesperson for the restaurant said they were visited by council inspectors on Tuesday this week who checked the premises and confirmed they were okay to continue trading.

They confirmed a customer had visited the outlet to say they found ants in a naan bread, but the spokesperson said it was his belief the ants had had got into the naan in their take-away.

They added that the premises were “nice and clean”.