Council paid out £385,000 in pothole compensation claims last year

Photo: RAC.

North Yorkshire Council paid out £385,000 to motorists last year in insurance claims due to cars being damaged by potholes and road defects.

However, the amount has fallen sharply from the year before when £1.03 million was spent on compensation by the highways authority.

The figures were published in the council’s quarter one performance report, which was discussed at a meeting of the Conservative-run executive in Northallerton yesterday.

Motorists are able to claim compensation if they are able to prove that damage to a car was caused by a pothole on the council’s roads.
During the last financial year, 282 new claims were received which is the second lowest amount since 2012/13.
North Yorkshire Council has one of the largest road networks in the country with over 9,000km of roads and the council’s executive member for transport and highways, the Conservative Keane Duncan, said he was satisfied with the total amount that was paid out.
Cllr Duncan said: “In terms of dispelling the myth of millions of pounds being made out in compensation, the annual figure is around £375,000. For a highway network the size of ours, we’re quite comfortable with that figure.”
Figures supplied to the Local Democracy Reporting Service show there were 3,714 reports of potholes across North Yorkshire in 2022/23, the highest number since 2018/19.


  1. Wouldn’t it be much more sensible, worthwhile & better use of tax payers money so that everyone is able to drive on good, safer roads.
    Common sense is in very short supply in the council offices.
    Regards, Mrs Anne Simpson

  2. Sorry should read better use of tax payers money to repair the roads.
    Please amend for me.
    Anne Simpson

  3. Shame on you council! Wouldn’t it be more sensible to use this money to repair our roads and make them safer for the users from whom you take the money in the first place?
    Just plain common sense!

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