Council raises concerns about size of A684 roadsigns

The sign on the A684 near Hawes. Photo: Brian Carlisle.

Hawes and High Abbotside Parish Council told a local resident at its last meeting that it had challenged the installation of large road signs along the A684 on either side of the junction to Burtersett.

Cllr McMullon had invited Claire Lambert to join the Zoom meeting following her letter about the road signs. Mrs Lambert told the parish council that she believed the new signs were an “eyesore”, but after a conversation with Cllr Peacock, she had been informed that they were the correct size for “A” roads in a 60mph speed limit and could not be removed.

The chairman, Cllr Jill McMullon, said the parish council believed that “one size does not fit all”.

Mrs Lambert pointed out that one of the signs was too close to the roadside and would likely be damaged by large vehicles and the farmer who had agreed for a sign to be placed in one of his fields had been “horrified” by the size of it.

She expressed concern about the amount of traffic now using the road through Burtersett which was not only a very narrow road, but was also one that was not gritted during the winter.

Cllr McMullon confirmed that the parish council had asked North Yorkshire County councillor Yvonne Peacock to initiate a survey to check the level of increased traffic on the road through Burtersett.

Cllr Peacock told the meeting that a survey was ongoing but there were no results yet. Cllr McMullon asked what the baseline for comparison would be and Cllr Peacock responded that there would be data held previously which would be used.

Mrs Lambert was assured that the parish council would continue to follow up on this issue.

Footpath weeds. – The large amount of weeds on footpaths was discussed. Cllr McMullon said this was due to North Yorkshire County Council having changed its contract for such work at the beginning of June and acknowledged that the result was very disappointing.

Cllr Peacock agreed that the situation was not up to standard. She believed there was a programme of works to include this but, with the changeover in June, it had clearly been overlooked.

Play equipment. – Cllr McMullon reported that an application had been made to Richmondshire District Council’s Play Park Fund for new equipment at Town Foot, Beulah Bank and Little Ings play parks. The local primary school was happy to support the project, she said.

Village signs. – Cllr Peter Metcalfe reported that the sign at Appersett had been repaired but that it would be necessary to replace the “village name” part of the sign as this was worn.

Cllr McMullon said she had inspected the sign at Burtersett and the problem was with the amount of overgrowth around it but there wasn’t any damage.

Barn application. – The parish council had been informed by the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority (YDNPA) that it could not “call in” the application by GTec for a barn conversion north of Old Gayle Lane so that it would be discussed by the planning committee. That could only be done by a planning committee member.

The clerk reported that parish councils are consulted on planning applications and are entitled to submit comments either in favour of, or opposing the application, providing sound reasons for their comments, and it then falls to the planning officer to consider these and if they are found to be contrary to the planning officer’s views, then the application will go to the committee for further discussion.

Tree planting. – An email from the Richmondshire Climate Action Partnership about the Communitree Project was circulated before the meeting.

This explained that this was a community tree planting programme to take place over the autumn and winter period.

The organisers hope that each council will plant up to 30 new trees in areas accessible by the public but safe from damage by livestock. The trees, supports etc will be provided but the planting must be undertaken by volunteers and the trees maintained by the community in the future.

The councillors were asked to tell the clerk before September 24 if the parish council should participate in this programme.

Local Plan. – Cllr McMullon said it was essential that the parish council should respond to the YDNPA consultation about local occupancy and the future development of barns as part of the preparation for the Authority’s new Local Plan.

This latest consultation, as part of exploring options, will end on Monday September 30. Cllr Peacock said the future of barns and local occupancy will be discussed at the Upper Dales Area Partnership meeting at West Burton village hall at 4pm on Wednesday September 29.

Bench request. – It was agreed that a bench could not be placed at the top of Beggermans Road at the end of the Roman Road as the person it would be in memory of had not been a local resident and so this would not be in accordance with parish council policy.


  1. I don’t know the story behind who wanted to place a seat at the top of Beggermans Road but find it pretty petty that they could not. Maybe someone can please enlighten me!!!

  2. It’s pretty bloody obvious why there is an increase in traffic flow through Butersett. The signs at the junction on the A684 are like a red flag to a bull or curiosity killed the cat.

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