Council to increase litter patrols after rubbish left at Richmond beauty spot

Rubbish left behind. Photo: Jue Thornton.

Richmondshire District Council is increasing its patrols of Richmond Batts and the Falls in a bid to tackle increased problems of litter.

The beauty spot attracted large numbers of visitors on Wednesday.

“Not only were there significant concerns that social distancing rules were clearly not being observed but these groups of people left behind mounds of litter,” said corporate director, Colin Dales.

“Our waste team has to go in and remove the litter and clean the area up. This eats up valuable capacity which diverts us from doing other important work.

“The ramping up patrols at the Batts will mean anyone seen littering being issued with a fine.

“We want this area to be safe for everyone to enjoy – local residents and visitors alike, but we urge people to think of each other and observe the current restrictions as we battle to beat coronavirus – be alert and considerate

“If this anti-social behaviour persists we may need to consider further and wider restrictions in the area which we want to avoid if at all possible – it will be a real shame if the behaviour of an inconsiderate few reduces access for the considerate majority.” [kofi]


  1. Why were they allowed to party there in the first place. Police conspicuous by their absence

  2. It should have been policed and these idiots moved on I hope it’s done properly over the weekend. We are trying to get our local business back up and running but we don’t stand a chance of beating this Virus if idiots like these are allowed to keep breaking the rules 😡😡

  3. The police should have been positioned at the entrance and also next to the falls to keep people from going onto them,it’s all in the preparation police,just like you do when your ready to catch speeding drivers with your speed guns,speed it up lads and lasses.

  4. Deeply disappointed at the litter left. If people refuse to socially distance then it’s on their heads if they contract the virus, but why not put their litter in the available bins?

  5. Police should stop these idiots coming to town and find them big fines. If they have big trouble in the town end in the heavy mob and the dogs Richmond people are getting sick off this every year when it is hot litter all over the place these people want finding too big

  6. I cannot understand the mentality of the litter louts. They bring things with them – cans, bottles, paper, etc why can’t they take it home with them or use the bins provided. My walk over the Batts was spoiled on Thursday by the presence of all the garbage.

  7. Please can we apply policing and fines from NOW ON. As a resident this happens every year and I have to avoid walking on my own in my own town. I have to put up with feeling fearful and having to listen to foul language as youths take over the falls and Batts. WHY??? I pay my council tax, use the bins for my dogs poo and care for local wildlife and embrace living here being a neighbour and locally employed. Richmond council and our local police please enforce the penalties and stop this behaviour now. Covid just adds another level of risk. Respect Richmond Residents.

  8. Why don’t these idiots stay in their own area instead of coming to richmondshire and leaving their mess and possibly spreading covid 19.
    And as for the police,don’t they realise the softly softly touch doesn’t work,they need to toughen up a bit.

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