Councillor calls for cycle path to link Brompton-on-Swale and Scorton to Richmond

The road between Richmond and Brompton-on-Swale.

A councillor has launched a petition calling for a cycle path to be built between Richmond, Brompton-on-Swale and Scorton.

Catterick and Brompton-on-Swale independent councillor Leslie Rowe originally proposed more cycle lanes in the district at a district council meeting in December but the motion was not supported.

The councillor says he is trying again after the Government recently announced £2 billion in funding for councils to create more cycle paths.

He says a safe cycle route from Scorton and Brompton-on-Swale into Richmond would enable school children to cycle to their Richmond schools and workers to get to their jobs in the market town.

His petition calls on North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) and Richmondshire District Council (RDC) to work together to get new cycle routes in Richmondshire.

Cllr Rowe said: “All too often, the very small amount of money that NYCC allocate for cycle lanes are spent in the bigger towns like Harrogate.

“It’s time that the more rural communities get a slice of this much bigger pie.

“Local councils has now been ordered by the Government to reallocate road space for significantly increased numbers of cyclists and pedestrians, as part of post pandemic planning for social distancing.

“I challenge the leaders of both NYCC and RDC to grasp this opportunity to facilitate this long term investment in the health and well being of the people of Richmondshire.”

To view the petition click here.


  1. If these cycle paths are created PLEASE can cyclists be forced to use them as this is not the case at the present time. Too often cyclists are riding on the roads creating problems whilst ignoring the safe tracks built for them.

  2. Fantastic idea. Long overdue. Too many vehicles fail to slow down for cyclists on this stretch of road even overtaking them into oncoming traffic Crazy!!

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