Councillor defends comments on farms in villages

Richmondshire councillor Jamie Cameron.

A Richmondshire councillor says he stands by his comments that farms no longer have a place in villages.

And Cllr Jamie Cameron, who represents the Newsham with Eppleby ward ans has confirmed that he lives on a farm in a village, says he will not be resigning over the remarks.

Cllr Cameron made the comment at a district council planning meeting last week when members were looking at two applications for housing estates on farmland in Barton.

The councillor said at the meeting: “Farms should not be in villages any longer. That’s past those days. People don’t like the smell, they don’t like the tractors, they don’t like anything.

“We have to accept it and there’s nothing wrong with that. The right place for a farm is in the countryside. Villages are for commuters and for people to have their homes and they don’t want cows mooing, smells and flies. I fully support them.”

The remarks prompted dozens of comments from Richmondshire Today readers who were very critical of the councillor, with some even questioning if he should continue to stand.

But Cllr Cameron said he “absolutely” stood by the comments when contacted by Richmondshire Today, and said many people he had spoken to agreed with him.

He said moving farms out of villages was a “no brainer”.

He added: “I was qualified as a rural chartered surveyor and worked locally looking after a number of rural estates.

“We live on a farm which is worked on a commercial basis.

“My comments are in fact fairly academic because in our area there is hardly an economic farm in a village.

“Heavy machinery and houses are a bad and dangerous mix. Animals and houses are a bad mix – flies, noise,smell.

“The conversion of redundant farm buildings to houses is beneficial to the community whether it be the shop, the school, the village hall, the church.”


  1. I don’t understand what he means! All villages are surrounded by pasture for grazing animals or crops. So even if the farm is not in the village it will still be surrounded by land with animals mooing, bleating or oinking!! If not combining, ploughing, and flies! That is what defines the countryside where villages are from towns or cities. If commuters don’t like it, live in the town or city you work in and replace the fresh air with carbon monoxide! But that’s the point, they live in the villages to escape the pollution, but then complain about country life, you can’t have both. You can’t steralise nature, and nature surrounds a village where farms are found. Yes I live in a village with more than one farm in it, and love it. I also live next to a church and love to hear the bells.

  2. There is nothing academic about his comments whats so ever and should be ashamed of himself. Next time he has a nice roast dinner in his beautiful farmhouse he can ponder where every single piece of than dinner has come from!!

  3. He needs to remember the farms where in place long before some of the people moved in.
    The farming community are the back home of the UK.
    No doubt somewhere there is a back hander for the council to approve that farms are moved.
    How about for every farmer they want to move they pay the farmers the value of the land….won’t see much getting sold after that.

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