Councillors advised to refuse Finghall housing scheme due to flooding concerns

The location of the proposed development.

Councillors have been recommended to refuse plans for a new housing development in Finghall amid concerns about flooding.

Plans have been submitted for 12 houses on fields off Blewhouse Lane.

The scheme would include eight detached homes and a terrace of four houses with a local occupancy clause.

Supporting documents submitted with the plans claim that the scheme would align with the policy objectives of the Richmondshire Local Plan.

However, 46 objections from local residents have been received with the parish council also strongly objecting.

Residents claim the scheme  is too large for the village and the development would be detrimental to the residents living nearby.

They say there are already nine other homes being built or with planning permission in the village.

Others concerns include the impact on pedestrian safety, the potential for the development to increase flooding in the village and the lack of local services to support the homes.

The application will be discussed by councillors at a meeting next Thursday.

Planning officers have recommended the application is refused because no flood risk assessment has been submitted.

A report for councillors concludes: “The application is a major development seeking permission for more than 9 dwellings on a site of over 0.5ha. Surface water flooding has occurred at the south of the application site at the indicative access point.

“No flood risk assessment or indicative drainage strategy has been submitted and it is therefore not possible to assess whether the new residents would be at risk of flooding or whether the development would increase flood risk off site.”


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  1. The Council halt the building of twelve houses in Finghall due to flooding concerns but are quite happy to allow the construction of one hundred and twenty plus houses above Leyburn which will undoubtedly cause flooding in the town .

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