Councillors vote on plans for 127 new homes in Leyburn

Amended plans have been submitted to the district council for the development in Leyburn.

Councillors have approved plans for 127 new houses on the edge of Leyburn.

Members of Richmondshire District Council voted in favour of the controversial scheme on fields at Hill Top Farm.

A mix of detached, semi-detached and terraced properties will now be built on the site, with 22 bungalows also planned.

Of the 127 homes, 28 will be available as discounted first homes to buy and ten will be designated as affordable homes to rent.

The application was submitted by Yorvik Homes.

Managing directer Matthew Gath said after the meeting: “I am happy for the young people of Leyburn who are in desperate need of housing.

“There are a few obstacles to overcome before development can start and we will be working with the relevant authorities to address the issues that have been raised as part of the application today.”

The plans were approved after access to the development was moved 10 metres further west along Moor Road than was originally planned so it was not opposite North Yorkshire County Council’s Highway Department.

Public open spaces will be created as part of the development.

A public access will also be built to Thornborough Hall Gardens to link the housing with Leyburn Town Centre.

The application had the support of Leyburn Town Council, which says more housing is needed in the town.

However, more than 50 people objected.

Issues raised included concerns the development could cause flooding in the town, worries about insufficient parking, health services and spaces at the local primary school and concern that the proposed pedestrian access through Thornborough Woods would not be suitable.

Concerns were also raised that residents of the new housing would use Woodburn Drive, which is a private road with no right of way.

On condition of planning being granted the developer, Yorvik Homes, has agreed to pay £363,693 towards an extension at Leyburn Primary School.

A further £150,000 will be provided to improve bus links to the new estate.


  1. Excellent news for those needing homes in the Town. Would have been nice to have a local occupancy clause against the development

  2. Until ‘the young people of Leyburn’ know how much these houses will cost there is no way of knowing whether or not this development will benefit them. I think they will struggle to afford anything compared to second home owners/air bnb buyers.

  3. No local occupancy clause , no improvements to local medical and dental services , no extra parking for a minimum 127 extra cars in Leyburn , an already busy town will become a nightmare . The number of houses proposed is far too many .

    • Roy, we are in Preston U Scar so have missed the detail behind these crazy plans. Anybody with half a brain knows that the existing infrastructure supporting leyburn is at breaking point and has been since the new houses went up on Dale Grove. Is there no recourse for the residents of Leyburn? I doubt any are overly happy with it except for the few remaining retail businesses.

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