Councillors call for Bishopdale public telephone to be repaired

Aysgarth. Photo: Pip Pointon.

The BT public telephone at Newbiggin in Bishopdale needs to be in working order due to the poor mobile phone signal in that area, Aysgarth and District Parish Council was told at its February meeting.

Cllr Margaret Jones explained that during a storm in December the telegraph pole next to the telephone box was blown down causing damage to the sheep dip, wash area and a wall.

BT Open Reach had taken the wires down and ordered a new pole in January but the BT telephone is now out of order. This problem will be initially followed up by Cllr Jones.

Drain clearance. – Cllr Robert Cromey-Hawke reported that County Highways had responded quickly to an email from the parish council and had done an excellent job in Thornton Rust of cleaning the drains which were now working well.

A good job had also been done repairing pot holes on the Aysgarth to Thornton Rust road and most of the drains in Bishopdale

The parish council will ask County Highways if they could supply to a resident the pipes needed to channel water which was leaking from his land onto the B6160 near Street Head Inn. The leakage of water was making the road dangerous.

Salt bins. – Cllr Jones reported that a salt bin at Newbiggin was filling with rainwater as the lid did not stay closed. She said a highways worker had bashed a hole in bin with a shovel to drain it but that meant the salt was washed out.

The clerk will ask County Highways if a new bin could be provided at no cost to the parish council. The Clerk will e-mail Highways with the map previously provided by Highways indicating the public maintainable highway.

This is because North Yorkshire County had stated it was not responsible for the bin near Aysgarth Institute as it was not within the public maintainable highway. The bin does have a NYCC Highways sticker.

Parish Meetings. – Aysgarth Township Parish Meeting will be held on Monday March 25 at 7.30pm in the village institute; and Thornton Rust Parish Meeting on Wednesday March 27 at 7.30pm in the village institute.

Defibrillators. – It was agreed that the clerk should order defibrillator pads for the community defibrillators at Aysgarth and Newbiggin, and batteries for Newbiggin and Thoralby.

Light pollution. – The parish council will inform the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority (YDNPA) that the lighting at Aysgarth Lodge Holidays between Aysgarth and West Burton must remain consistent with the YDNPA’s Dark Skies policy.

This was in response to being informed that there was a retrospective planning application for a caravan being used as the holiday park reception with office and for a site-wide lighting plan at Aygarth Lodge Holidays.  The parish council felt  there should be an enforced maintenance routine to ensure the light emitted does not revert back to white light.

The parish council has previously expressed concerns about the level of lighting at the site.

Planning query. – Cllr Peter Windle wondered why the planning application made in November 2020 to convert a two-bedroom live/work unit near Yore Mill at Aysgarth Falls into a three-bedroom holiday let was taking so long to decide. The clerk will write to the YDNPA planning department about this.

Next meeting. – Is at Aysgarth Institute at 7.30pm on Thursday April 4.