Councillors to consider CCTV petition

Richmond market place. Photo: Guy Carpenter.

Richmondshire councillors will tonight consider a petition demanding CCTV is restored in Richmond.

A total of 1,114 people have signed the petition calling for CCTV to be reinstated in the town.

The petition states: “In memory and respect for Andrew Jackson and his family, may we prevent further incidents; don’t ever let this happen again, it could be your son, daughter, brother, sister, mother, father, partner, friend, property or vehicle. Prevent further mindless acts of violence and criminal activities.”

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Cohnor Coleman attacked ex-professional golfer Andrew Jackson during a night out in Richmond in 2015.

Coleman, 24, was cleared of murder but jailed for six years and nine months at Teesside Crown Court, after admitting causing the 43-year-old’s death.

After the attack calls were made for CCTV to be reinstated in the town. These calls have been repeated this year with the issue being discussed by Richmondshire District Council and Richmond Town Council.

Richmond Town Council has agreed in principle to pursue a CCTV scheme for Richmond Market Place and has approached Richmondshire District Council for assistance with development of the scheme.

However, the district council’s corporate board considered the issue of CCTV at its June meeting and decided that there was no business case for the redeployment of CCTV.

The leader of the council did acknowledge that there was local support for CCTV.

If an appropriate proposal was brought forward by another organisation there may be capital investment available to assist with the initial setup costs, the council agreed.

The petition will be debated at the district council full council meeting tonight.

The meeting stars at 6.30pm. Members of the public are welcome to attend.