Count Binface among 13 candidates standing in Richmond and Northallerton

Count Binface is among 13 candidates contesting the new Richmond and Northallerton constituency at the General Election.

Billed as an independent space warrior, the character played by comedian Jonathan Harvey says he wants to give the Prime Minister a “taste of intergalactic justice”.

Announcing his intention to stand in the North Yorkshire seat last night, the candidate said: “Rishi, you might have shirked D-Day, but you won’t be able to avoid B-Day.

“In just under a month’s time, the Solar System is going to host the contest to end all contests. It’s Binface v Soon-Axed. Coming to a leisure centre near you, Richmond & Northallerton, and people of Earth.

“Bring it on!”

Count Binface was a candidate for Uxbridge and South Ruislip in the 2019 United Kingdom general election against the then prime minister Boris Johnson.

He also stood in the London Mayoral elections in 2021 and 2024.

Previously, Harvey stood as Lord Buckethead but was forced to change the character due to a copyright dispute with an American filmmaker, who created Lord Buckethead for 1984 science fiction film Hyperspace.

Other candidates standing against the Prime Minister include Labour’s Tom Wilson, Daniel Callaghan from the Liberal Democrats, Green Party candidate Kevin Foster and Reform’s Lee Taylor.

Click here to view all the candidates standing in this year’s General Election in the constituency.

Ahead of this election, changes were made to constituency boundaries in North Yorkshire following a review by the Boundary Commission.

The seven constituencies are:

  • Harrogate and Knaresborough.
  • Richmond and Northallerton.
  • Scarborough and Whitby.
  • Selby.
  • Skipton and Ripon.
  • Thirsk and Malton.
  • Wetherby and Easingwold.

Voting will take place from 7am to 10pm on Thursday, July 4, with the election count held on the evening.

Voters attending the polling station will need to bring photographic identification in order to be able to vote.

Residents have until Tuesday, June 18, to register to vote and until 5pm on Wednesday, June 19, to apply for a postal vote. If someone is unable to vote in person or by post they have until 5pm on Wednesday, June 26, to apply for a proxy vote.

Anyone without an accepted form of ID should apply for a free voter authority certificate by 5pm on Wednesday, June 26.

To view the candidates and for more information on voting, visit

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