County council leader thanks public for Covid community efforts

Carl Les, leader of North Yorkshire County Council.

The leader of North Yorkshire County Council has thanked the public for their community efforts during the pandemic.

In an open letter to the county, Councillor Carl Les said North Yorkshire was again facing a “wave of infection caused by yet another variant of Covid not to mention the damage across the county caused by the recent Storm Arwen.”

He added: “Our resilience has been sorely tested; but once again the people of North Yorkshire have risen to the challenge of supporting each other through the darkest days.

“Community efforts to support those isolated and made vulnerable by the pandemic have continued brilliantly.

People’s caution and consideration in the face of the continuing threat of Covid have been remarkable. Once again, I thank each and every one of you.”

The councillor said he now wanted to ask the public to continue their efforts in the light of the omicron surge, adding: “I am also asking you to be extra vigilant and considerate.”

Cllr Les said it was “heartening” to learn that three quarters of those eligible for a Covid booster vaccine have taken up the offer of one in North Yorkshire.

“I am now calling on those who have not yet received their booster to do so as a matter of urgency.

Get your jab now to protect yourself and others against the virus. Walk-in sites have been set up across the county and are open throughout the Christmas period, some even on Christmas Day.

“Those volunteers deserve our thanks and our support to do what they are prepared to do.

“And there are other critical actions you can take to buy time and slow the Omicron surge in North Yorkshire to help to prevent our health and social care services from being overwhelmed.”

He added: “They are not hard things. They are simple things, but they can make a big difference. Wear your face mask when required; make sure your rooms are well ventilated if you are mixing indoors; wash your hands.

“And as we go through Christmas and New Year, let us not forget those in our community who are lonely or could do with a helping hand. Do what you have done throughout the last two years – check in on neighbours, family and friends.

“Keep safe. Keep each other safe. Very best wishes for 2022.”