Couple open new B&B in Richmond after falling in love with Yorkshire

Johnny and Jenny Hatch outside BnB at 43 in Riuchmond.

A couple have opened a new bed and breakfast in Richmond after falling in love with the area following a posting from the Army.

Johnny and Jenny Hatch came to Richmond after Johnny was posted to Catterick while serving as an officer with the Royal Military Police.

Jenny said the couple were told the area was bleak and dull before they arrived.

But she said they quickly fell in love with the location and decided to settle down.

She added: “People said it was not a good posting, cold, bleak, nothing up there.

“We were happy to make our own minds up and we got the most pleasant surprise. We fell in love with Yorkshire.

“The Dales and Moors are breath taking and we made the most of our weekends exploring and hiking around as much as we could.”

But Jenny, who has a degree in human nutrition, said she could find any work here.

She added: “We had talked about the idea of me running a B&B some years ago, but we knew it would not be feasible while in the !rmy unless we lived apart, which we were not prepared to do as we had done enough of that.

“As time went on, we realised that we were going to get moved around more than we had thought. We made a momentous decision and decided to settle here in Richmond as it seems many Army people before us have done.”

The couple bought a property in Masion Dieu and Johnny left the Army so they could work on the house and turn it back into a B&B which it had been previously.


“Now we are ready to receive guests and are very happy with our website, put together by Purple Creative who I was introduced to by my lovely WAGS choir.

“We named the house ‘BnB at 43’ which rolls off the tongue and tells people where we are. Maison Dieu is quite a fancy name for a road and causes enough confusion as it is, so we thought we would keep it simple.

“We have had a few guests already which has helped ease me into getting up and preparing breakfasts for people. So far we have had people from Cumbria, Scotland, South Africa and USA.

“We are very proud of our house and so far guests have been oversleeping unable to get up because they were too comfortable – not a bad complaint!