Covid-19 business grant scheme reopened to new applicants

A grant scheme to help businesses severely affected by the Covid-19 restrictions has been reopened for new applicants.

The decision by Richmondshire District Council has come following the delay in reopening because of the continuing restrictions.

And the scheme has been expanded to cover reopening support for businesses not covered by the restart grant.

Any business that missed the earlier May 31 deadline for the additional restrictions grant (ARG) has now got until July 18 to make an application.

It will provide a one-off sum to support the costs of reopening safely or moving back towards the business’s former public facing service delivery as restrictions are lifted.

The grant scheme, which is being administered by the council on behalf of the Government, is aimed at businesses who either provide face to face services directly to the public themselves or those businesses where the main activity is part of the supply chain to these businesses.

The amount paid is based on the size of the business and the date when permitted to resume main business operations.

The application process, as with previous ARG grants, is online at

Applications for this ARG will be available July 18.

The council also has some limited funds available for small top-up grants which may be awarded to businesses able to evidence very high fixed costs and that continue to experience drops in income as a direct result of ongoing Covid restrictions.

These awards will only paid out in exceptional circumstances where this is essential to support the wider local economy and where the failure of the business would have a significant on the residents of the district.

The payment of any top up grant is subject to available funding.