Covid-19 testing station comes to Leyburn

A motorist being tested for Covid-19.

A temporary Covid-19 testing station will operate in Leyburn on Monday.

As part of the national roll out of the key worker and priority testing for COVID–19, the military run drive-through mobile testing units will be operating in the car park at Tennants.

It is not yet known if it will be there beyond Monday.

Testing stations are also operating in Harrogate, Whitby, Pickering and Eggborough this weekend.

Eligible key workers and those prioritised for testing must register for a self-referral test on the Government website here.

You can see the current list of eligible key workers and those prioritised for testing here. [kofi]

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  1. The first I have heard about the testing at Tennants today is now when It has probably finished. Perhaps it was not relevant to me although I am well over 70. would it be possible for you to add me to any daily email list the magazine has please?

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