Covid cases in Catterick Garrison push Richmondshire rate back up

Further cases of Covid-19 in the Catterick Garrison area have pushed the rate of positive tests back up in Richmondshire.

At 32 confirmed cases, the seven-day rate in the district reached its lowest point since September on March 8.

However, it has since jumped back up and now stands at 91 in the seven days to March 13.

This is the highest rate in North Yorkshire.

In that time, there were 49 new cases of the virus in the district — an average of seven a day.

Government data for the location of the positive tests is only currently available in the seven days up until March 10.

However, this does record 20 cases in Catterick Garrison and Colburn, with the area having the highest number of positive tests in North Yorkshire.

A further six cases were reported in Catterick Village and Brompton-on-Swale.

For more information on the data, click here.

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