Covid cases surge in Richmondshire

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The latest figures show a surge in Covid-19 cases in Richmondshire.

The seven day rate per 100,000 people has risen to 337, with 181 positive tests in the district in the seven days up to December 29.

The figures show there were 52 confirmed cases on December 29 — the highest number in a single day since the pandemic began.

There were a further 92 positive cases from December 29 up to January 2, although these figures are incomplete and could increase further.

Localised data shows there has been a surge in cases across the district.

These are the seven-day figures, up until December 29, by local area:

  • Catterick and Brompton-on-Swale – 24
  • Catterick Garrison and Colburn – 50
  • Leyburn, Middleham & Tunstall – 23
  • North Richmondshire – 23
  • Richmond Town – 43
  • Upper Dales – 18

The surge comes as schools across the district prepare to reopen following the Christmas break.

However, the number of confirmed cases in the Hawes area has prompted Hawes Primary School and the Dalesplay Nursery to delay their reopening.

The primary school is now due to reopen on Thursday.

Dalesplay said in a statement on its Facebook page: “Our community has an awful lot of positive cases and we cannot open the setting safely with the high volume of cases in the area.

“We hope to reopen the following week with hope that the number of positive cases reduces considerably.”

Hawes and High Abbottside Parish Council chair Jill McMullon said cases had increased in the town higher than expected.

“It’s very worrying.

“I’m concerned that people perhaps haven’t observed social distancing as much as they should and, while some people have been incredibly careful about why they mixed with over Christmas, others haven’t been quite as careful.”

Cllr McMullon said she was also concerned about the large numbers of visitors to Hawes over the festive break,

“People have been told they can go for a walk, but they have unfortunately then thought they could go for a walk around Hawes not in an open field.”

The councillor said she had confronted numerous people in the town and asked if they really should have travelled to the town and to remind them to social distance.

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  1. I visit Richmond often and am not surprised in the rise in cases due to poor social distancing and understanding of the rules. I refused to accept a £1 coin from a chap in the Lidl car park for my trolley. He was ignorant the coin was a means of transmission.

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