Crowds gather at Richmond Falls

The warm weather attracted large crowds of people to Richmond Falls today in apparent breaches of lockdown rules.

Dozens of people congregated at the beauty spot as temperatures exceeded 25C in the district.

The behaviour has been criticised by social media users after the photograph was published online.

One person said: “It’s families, groups of teenagers and groups of adults all enjoying the weather and totally ignoring what we’ve all been asked to do.

“There will be a second wave and we’ll be back in isolation again by the end of the summer.”

Another added: “I went for my daily walk along the river – it was so busy.

“People were along the falls shoulder to shoulder.”

Photos posted online show police vehicles at the scene.

They also rubbish left at the Falls, including beer cans and bottles.

Government rules allow the public to meet one other person from a different household outdoors as long as they follow social distancing guidelines.

However, you are not allowed to gather in a group of more than two, excluding members of your own household, except for a few specific exceptions.


Rubbish left behind. Photo: Jue Thornton.




  1. Sunshine and every one is out,same in London last weekend, come on people get a grip. You’re all moanining about getting back to normal,how can we expect that to happen when people are so selfish and incompetently stupid.

  2. So long as this behaviour continues the rest of us will have to suffer. This means no socialising, no holidays just one long lockdown for the foreseeable future.

  3. It just goes to show that we have idiots up here aswell as the idiots down south,they are obviously showing total disregard and zero respect for the people whom have died and their families,why can’t the police arrest them who are clearly not social distancing,the photos of the selfish idiots are on here for them to see,stop being soft and get hold of them all and fine them all £1.000 each.

  4. I’m sorry but this is out of order . We all want to be out of lockdown but with people not sticking to the rules and doing what the please we will end up with a 2nd spike selfish people ! Stay bloody home and save lives police should be doing more !

  5. Government need to give the police more power as high ranking officers across the country asked for at the beginning of the lockdown. Give these selfish sods wallet thumping fines, a fine that would make them think twice about flouting the lockdown rules then see how many folk decide to ignore it.

  6. There have been so many police driving about Richmond for the last several weeks; where are they now?? Greater responsibility from the public needs to be maintained as we’re not out of the woods yet.

  7. I’m appalled at the rubbish left by these unthinking, selfish,so called visitors. They are not visitors to admire and enjoy the beauty, they are ignorant and hell bent on destroying an iconic area for their own amusement
    Evident by leaving all their rubbish. Pity they can’t all be slapped with huge fines, hope someone has their car numbers or if local can identify them!

    • I could cry when I see all that litter….I would love to send them all litter picking for….well a lifetime really!

  8. I went down there with my dog and son, on our daily walk. It was horrendous. I approached the police about the situation. Their response. You should have been here earlier, it was worse.

  9. Simply enjoying nature. Hope they do take precautions. Love from Richmond Methodist High School, Kadavu Isalnd, Fiji 🇫🇯.

  10. But it won’t happen to them, will it?
    Until some of these younger families and so called adults actually see first hand the deadly results of this killer virus, they will not realise that it’s THEM who will, in time, kill off their own families. Thick and selfish doesn’t even begin to describe them. Mindless beyond belief!

  11. Its easy, just close the road off at both ends with resident access only. Or have the police issue penalty notices , that will likeky deter them.

  12. I am a richmond resident I am in my seventies with a husband who has health issues. We have not left the house since 11th March. Richmond is beautiful and we welcome with open hearts our visitors but please please follow the guidelines. We must if we want this virus to be alleviated. Think of the NHS the carers and all other people who are working despite the fears and worries. Think of others please.

  13. The demographic represented in similar photographs from around the UK, are young adults who would normally travel to european destinations for a week or two and behave in this way.

    Fines dont work – prisons might – euthanasia certainly would.

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